About the owner

Born to be chefs, this husband-wife, duo has been working together over 15years to enhance their
culinary expertise. Worked and trained with reputed hotels and restaurants they have been serving their
customers with great dedication.

After serving her super delicious, delectable and yummilicious cakes for years to family and friends
Shivani has been inspired to serve her personalized, hand crafted, premium cakes from her home to yours. She spent years perfecting her recipes to make sure that only the best treats reach you. Extra soft, exclusive fresh cream cakes make them unique and special and a must have to be a part of your celebration.

Also the Duo wants to share their passion of cooking with everyone out there. Arun’s expertise in Indian and Shivani being a certified Nutritionist combined with her experience in various popular cuisines from Italian to Mexican, from Hakka Chinese to Health food want to spread the art of cooking. Their Idea behind these workshops is to help you learn from anywhere starting from basic to enhance your culinary skills to the next level. There whole idea is to encourage people to eat homemade healthy food and variety of foods.